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“Larkin has gifts – he comprehends human nature.  He seems to understand the uniqueness or trials and tribulations of people as individuals – whether train wrecks or blooming flowers. He is safe, non-judgemental, and has the ability to put all this insight into words, metaphors, etc. He gets it..and he wraps his knowledge, wisdom, experience around the unique things we wrestle with , yet make us who we are…putting a finger on what each of us can bring to the table, and directing with focus, he understands our individual difficulties, as well as any strength that may be submerged..–and with his skill at direction, as well as his instinct….miracles happen….! I have been watching it every night when I go to class, and I am very grateful to experience it. And I want to thank both of you- I have a feeling your passion and goodness, make all of this work, for so many who would not have the opportunity otherwise..You have found a way to bring quality teachers, and affordable classes together.. And from my own experience, I know this is not easily done. I would love to continue in August, if there is room, and I can overcome a conflict on the first week. So, please, let me know how that works..I can tell you with Larkin, you have hit a home run–I like to think of it as a METS homerun, but I suspect he is a Yankee fan, so we can go with that.
Thanks to both of you!” –Carolyn Driscoll


“Larkin’s scene class was terrific.  His vast knowledge and experience are apparent the minute he opened his mouth.  He creates  a supportive environment that allows students to explore character choices while providing the ammunition needed to bring our choices to a fuller life….And of course his sense of humor kept the class upbeat…He also applies a keen intuitive sense selecting partnered scenes.  Each scene or monologue was chosen to allow us to stretch as actors…..Go Larkin…” – Rosemary Thomas


I want to thank you for creating a great working environment for all of us. Larkin’s class was great I look forward to the next sessions. Thanks and I’ll see you both at the next event/class! – Eric Stafford


Hi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Larkin’s class. I learned a lot and really felt a difference in my performance from the beginning of class to the end. He is a pleasure to work with and truly talented. I hope to take his summer session as well. I don’t know how you are able to book such amazing talent and still keep the prices affordable. Keep up the good work!!  Great job as always:)  Thanks again! – Megan Block


As one of Larkin’s students these last three weeks I must let you know how much I enjoyed his class! It was a positive, instructive, creative, informative, and driven class. Larkin’s knowledge of the craft is not just impressive, but his means of teaching and communicating are clear, concise and constructive! I pan on looking for his future series of classes! Thank You – Ashley Becker

Jagger As you know I’d like to take Larkin’s class again. I must say the patience both of you give the students is wonderful. I don’t feel like either of you are taking my money and just feeding me or anyone else for that matter bullshit. I am finally starting to feel at ease with acting again. I had a great time in Larkin’s class and really enjoyed watching him push and challenge us. I learned to use my frustrations to start creating the basics of a good character and I also learned that I need to embrace who I am as a professional to make my acting natural.

Sienna Aldridge

Hey Jagger, I really enjoyed Larkin’s class.  I felt a strong difference in myself between the first week, and the third week, and that difference was confidence.  It was a great learning environment, and most of the techniques he went over were completely new to me.  I would definitely take that class again.

Thanks again,

Vladimir John Perez

Larkin Malloy is quite the genius. I learned so much from him that I was hoping the class would never end. I know the next time I’m either in a play or auditioning for something I’m going to be a lot more prepared. Thank you so much for bringing Larkin into your CNC world. He had certainly made a difference in mine.

Syndi Szabo

Thank You!

I had an amazing 3 weeks of ‘Acting With Confidence’ with Larkin Malloy. I feel that he gave wonderful feedback and without a doubt helped me improve my cold reading technique and my confidence as an actress! Now when I walk into auditions I feel better prepared because of the scene performances during class, the corrections he helped us make during our scenes, and the tips he shared with us in class. I would 100% recommend Larkin’s class to any actor!


Mina Daniel

Larkin, Thank you so much for all of your support and wisdom throughout these past few weeks.  You have this wonderful ability to the bring out the best in all of us.  Even though I missed the first class, I learned so much within the last two classes and I witnessed such amazing growth within such a short time, both in myself and my classmates. I believe it was a combination of your list of character/preparation questions, along with your positive coaching and critique throughout the scenes, that helped to break through everyone’s respective barriers and resulted in real and genuine emotion coming out in all of our scenes.

Thanks again!

Nina Kantesaria


A word of thanks for arranging to have Larkin Malloy teach his 3 week class “Acting with Confidence”  It was truly a worthwhile investment in time and money. . Larkin’s experience as an actor, director and teacher is such a benefit to his students. His tips for auditions and acting jobs are something I will use constantly. His way of getting the most from the students is remarkable. We all learned so much and grew so much in just three weeks. Larkin’s wasted no time in getting down to business and had us all working immediately. The scenes he picked for each individual were very well suited. He obviously spent a lot of time choosing the scenes.  His sense of humor is delightful and put us all at ease. I would highly recommend him.


Mary Looram

Hey just wanted to let you know  Larkin Malloy’s classes were great, I had a lot of fun and gained a lot of insight and knowledge regarding the acting craft. His insight from his years of experience will be a great tool as I move forward in bettering my acting skills. I look forward to  taking classes with him again.

John Newsome


I highly would recommend this class to everyone. Larkin is a true professional and taking his class made me a more confident actor. This is the BEST class I have ever taken. I learned more in 3 sessions than I did taking other acting classes for a much longer time. He relates experiences and is very modest about his success. He makes everyone feel comfortable, and his teaching style is unique. The scene studys are fun, and you will definately gain the confidence you need to nail that audition.- Dennis Albanese