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“The Brand Name in Acting Coaches”-Backstage Trade Newspaper

Expert private coaching from someone who has been successful in the business since 1978 and has been teaching and private coaching for over a dozen years.


Private Coaching for Serious Actors of All Ages and Levels of Experience

Let Me Help You Make Each Audition the Best it Can Be.

Overcome “Audition Anxiety” and prove Why You should Get the Job!

Larkin is private coach to many rising young stars and has studied with some of the finest teachers in the world as well as being one of the most successful actors of his generation. He is not, like many teacher/coaches a “wannabe”, but has been there and done that. “After thirty years of starring opposite the likes of Susan Lucci and Adam Sandler, there’s not much I haven’t seen” (See Bio below)

Larkin currently teaches at please visit this site to see his schedule or request further classes by him.

As Performance Consultant at CBS, I have sat in on hundreds of auditions and on-camera screen tests and know what casting directors and agents are looking for from the actor. There is a science to picking up clues from the text as to what they are expecting when they see the actor. Mainly through lack of confidence, I’ve seen how actors have sabotaged themselves through fear of taking risks and making strong choices which can make all the difference between getting the job and hearing, “NEXT!”. This approach is rarely, if ever, worked on in acting classes or with coaches.

Open slots are available for private coaching at my Park Slope, Brooklyn studio (20 minutes from Times Square), or in a Midtown studio.

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