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My latest film project

I have just finished acting in a lead role for the SAG feature, “Trivia Night” and what a delight it has been! For one of the few times in my experience, I was working with a team of directors, producers associate producers who were on the same page as to how to achieve their vision of the film, what a pleasure with a great character to play!

The shooting schedule was flexible, so I could continue my acting coaching, working with actors of all ages and levels of experience, sometimes to help with a big audition and others for longer term periods (which is one of my fondest activities). I have just about finished redecorating my studio to make it as practical and comfortable as I would like it.

If you feel that your work isn’t as rich and inventive as it might be, or are looking to brush up your skills, why don’t you give me a call at 718-768-6452 and we can discuss what service I might be able to offer you?

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